Bulgarian World Heritage: Pirin National Park

National Park Pirin was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1983.

The park is located in the Pirin Mountains in the south-west Bulgaria and was spread over 27, 000 ha until 2010 when it was expanded to 40, 000 ha.

It is famous for its mountain landscapes that include glacial lakes, waterfalls, caves and a variety of forests.


Photo: © Ivo Hadjimishev

“The mountain scenery of Pirin National Park is of exceptional beauty. The high mountain peaks and crags contrast with meadows, rivers and waterfalls and provide the opportunity to experience the aesthetics of a Balkan mountain landscape”, is stated on UNESCO’s website.

Pirin National Park’s mountains are shaped into plenty of different forms and are developed in several rock types.

It contains rich flora including 1,215 different types of vascular plants that form one-third of the country’s flora.


Photo: © Ivo Hadjimishev

Its fauna consists of 45 mammal species that include wolf, brown bear, pine marten, 159 bird species, 8 amphibians, 11 species of reptiles and 6 species of fish.

Pirin National Park is covered by national legislation which should ensure a strong national protection of its values.

It has always been one of the major spots for winter tourism in Bulgaria welcoming thousands of people every year.

In the 1980s and 1990s the ski facilities and runs that were developed in resorts like Bansko and Dobrinishte are questioning the security of the National Park.


Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0

Photos: © Ivo Hadjimishev

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