Elections 2017: Most sections abroad opened in the UK (INFOGRAPHICS)

The United Kingdom was the country with the most sections opened for the 2017 Bulgarian parliamentary election, the Central Election Commission reported.

The number of places to vote in the UK was almost 60 and 22 of them were based in London.

However, this might be the last time with so many sections opened because according to the Bulgarian election code when the UK leaves the European Union the maximum number allowed will be 35 sections.

GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) won the 2017 elections getting 24,52% of the valid ballots, they were the leaders in the UK as well receiving 33,87% votes.

The new-born political party ‘Da, Bulgaria’ (Yes, Bulgaria) got a relatively high result in the sections in the UK- 13,55%, compared to 2,88% overall result.

(Click on the image above to see an interactive chart of the results.)

From the Central Election Commission also reported that no problems or incidents were encountered during the Election Day abroad.

The parties that will form the 44th Bulgarian National Assembly are GERB with 95 seats, BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) with 80 seats,  Obedineni Patrioti (United Patriots) with 27 seats, DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) with 26 seats and Mareshki’s brand new party Volya (Will) with 12 seats.


Article by Denitsa Dimova
Photo: Allevents.in

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