Silviya Stoyanova: Studying abroad enables you to see the world with different eyes

An interview with Silviya Stoyanova, higher education coordinator at EDLANTA, about the benefits and challenges of studying in the United Kingdom. Edlanta is a company offering languages classes and assistance in the process of applying to study abroad.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of studying abroad?

To study abroad is a privilege. It enables you to see the world with different eyes and gives you plenty of opportunities.

Is there a rise of the Bulgarian students applying to study in UK universities?

Yes. There is a steady rise in the students who decide to continue their education abroad, especially in Europe. The United Kingdom is attracting the majority of students followed by Germany. There is an increased interested in the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy as well.

What to you owe that to?

The education abroad offers excellent study environment within which the students will be able to people from all over the world. The universities offer excellent accommodation and they are constantly investing funds in the most up-to-date technologies. The majority of the tutors and lecturers have experience in the industry in which they are teaching. Moreover, studying abroad makes students more independent, mature and encourages them to study languages.

What are the students’ reasons to choose the UK in particular?

The language is an important factor. Nowadays, almost every young person speaks English. Moreover, the quality of education is good. There are student loans available. The flights are affordable, too.

What are most commonly chosen courses in the recent years?

Recently degrees in computing and engineering are most commonly chosen. Business courses are now overtaken by them. There is also an increase in the field of arts. There are plenty of talented young people in Bulgaria that decide to go for architecture, graphic design, music technology, dance, ballet and choreography.

Are there ‘Bulgarian-friendly’ or ‘Bulgarian-unfriendly’ universities?

Yes. There are even universities that express higher interest in Bulgarian students. The Bulgarian secondary diploma is recognised worldwide. The Bulgarian education in Mathematics, Physics and Computer science is on a high level. The Bulgarian students are known to have good academic grounding.

Generally speaking, are the Bulgarian students doing well in terms of results and achievements?

Yes, they are. The Bulgarian students are doing good, the majority of them are working very hard to achieve the best results.

Do you think that studying in the UK is affordable for someone coming from an average Bulgarian family?

Answer: Yes, it can be affordable. However, it is an investment that requires savings. I advise parents to start the financial preparation two years before graduation. The advice we give to students is to work during the summer before university. Many countries offer student loans without or with a minimum interest. The education is free in some countries but the living costs there may be high. Some universities in the UK offer support for students coming from families with low income or grants for excellent results. Furthermore, the students abroad can work part-time. Some universities can even help finding a job.

Is the Brexit situation affecting the interest of the Bulgarian students to study in the UK?

Not for now because the conditions are still the same. However, there may be a decrease in the 2019 candidates.


The interview took Denitsa Dimova
Photo: the Facebook profile of Silviya Stoyanova

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